Home DIY

Home DIY

Renovating is costly, but inexperience can make the process a lot pricier and more stressful than it needs to be. It is possible to shave tens of thousands off your budget just by sticking to some of the advice below. Don’t assume you can buy everything cheaper yourself. This is a mistake many people make. Rushing out to buy all the light fixtures and plumbing essentials in the belief the best deal is the one you find yourself. Two words to keep in mind: trade discount. Never underestimate the transforming power of a coat of paint. Changing from a dark to light colour, for example, can dramatically lift the mood of a room and make it seem bigger and brighter.

Eye protection will keep your eyes safe from debris, dust and sharp objects. Avoid loose fitting clothing, as it can easily get caught in machinery causing severe and sometimes catastrophic injuries. Properly fitting pants and long sleeve shirts will protect your skin from sun exposure, shooting debris and irritants such as weeds and chemicals. Any exposed skin should be lathered up in sunscreen to prevent sunburn and long-term effects of sun exposure.

Have a good idea about what you would like the whole house to look like once you are finished. Many times we go room by room, and end up with a mix of styles and materials. If you stick to a unified vision, you will end up with a great home.

Fresh flowers really up the ante of any room, and they feel special. It can be as simple as a $10 bunch of roses. They feel so fresh and are perfect for spring. There’s something about flowers in a space that elevates a room — and your mood.

Having a partner helping with the work is the most efficient way to tackle a project. they can assist you with heavy lifting or moving things or by holding the ladder or simply passing tools your way. He or she also can manage work while you make another run to the shop for more supplies. Having a helper around also provides companionship during tedious projects

Don’t put in granite counters if the plumbing or wiring is outdated and needs fixing. You could end up having to rip out what you’ve done in the near future

A regular broom will be a good substitute for decking stain applicator

You can improve your home’s value by painting, enhancing the molding, and improving the lighting. By the way, did you know that houses have higher appraisal value if they have dim lights?

last, but not least, ignore this one at your peril. Whether it’s benchtops, new glazing for a broken window, plans for your kitchen and bathroom renovation, architraves, shelving, or your staggeringly expensive glass splashback. Re-check your measurements at least once, if not twice, to be absolutely sure you have them right.


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